City Walk Belgrad: Gehen, Sehen & Genießen

Auf sechs Spaziergängen lernt der Reisende eine interessante Stadtlandschaft kennen, und das aus ganz unterschiedlichen Perspektiven.

Entlang der Routen werden verschiedene Stadtteile Belgrads, ihre bemerkenswerte Geschichte und ihre Sehenswürdigkeiten vorgestellt.

Der praktische Serviceteil beinhaltet nützliche Adressen und einen kleinen Sprachführer mit den wichtigsten Wörtern und Grußformeln.

Dr. Gindi

Dr. Gindi has shifted her life from the world of medicine to the art world. She had graduated from The Florence Academy of Art and already created ‘key points’ in her artistic career when she was chosen as the finalist at the 2021 International Art Salon (Port Reading, New Jersey). She is best known for her classical approach combined with a touch of contemporary. Her clay and bronze’ sculptures give a surprising sensation of ancient times, expressing the complexity of human existence with a substantial emotional impact. Her
German-Egyptian roots are expressed in her artistic style and contain a fragrance of the various cities she has lived in, such as Florence, Berlin and Cairo.

Jim Tsinganos

I t’s a great pleasure to feature an exclusive interview with Jim Tsinganos, 1st Place Winner at the International Competition, a collaboration of the Florence
Biennale, Art Market Magazine, and Lens Magazine.
Jim Tsinganos is a multi-awardwinning Sydney-based illustrator and art practitioner with over twenty-five years of experience. His illustrations have been featured in most international illustration awards publications. In addition, his work has been featured in countless exhibitions, both locally and internationally, as a solo exhibitor and as part of group shows. He has been commissioned by a varied selection of clients throughout his career.


In Mina Radović’s works, women are always almost abstract, but the figure is always strongly expressed in various forms, with sharp contours and energetic colors, inspired by her Mediterranean background: “My mother’s family comes from Boka Kotorska in Montenegro, so I spent most of my childhood on the seaside. To this data, Boka Kotorska remains my safe port. The combination of the sea, stone, wild nature, purple hills and the strong blue color of the Adriatic Sea, are part of my coloring and energy which I always try to connect.”